I landed on this blue planet in 1983. As soon as I opened my eyes I understood I was a nomad because I was surrounded by yaks and sheep of various colors. When I was a young girl my loving parents sent me to look after our animals. While I heard stories about schools I never saw one. I don't blame my parents because they lacked an education and resources. When I turned 17 I had a new idea. I decided to go to India to study and to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I escaped with 38 people by walking across the Himalayas. The journey took several months and was the most difficult experience of my life. When I arrived in Dharamsala I went to school but after only one year I stopped because I became very sick. I had no relatives here and missed my caring family. When I thought of them tears flooded my eyes. Gradually my health and homesickness became better. Thanks to His Holiness the Dalai Lama we have many facilities and opportunities to study. I have studied here for a few years learning Tibetan history and English. English has become my main focus because it is a universal language. I am also now learning to read and write in Tibetan which was something that I could not learn in Tibet.